How to Sell Your Home Fast, At the Highest Price

3 tips to help home sellers navigate today's complex market


If you are hesitating to sell your home this year then you're not alone. For every real estate "expert" who says it's a great time to sell, you can find another who says exactly the opposite. In the face of so many differing opinions, whom do you believe?


If you need to sell your home, or decide to sell regardless of local market conditions, what should be your best approach?


Here are three tips to help home sellers navigate today's complex market.


1. Price your home right for the market.


Be realistic when setting your home's price. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overprice your home. Today's buyers have all of the information you do at their disposal through the Internet and their agent. They have little motivation to rush into a purchase since prices are stable or declining.


2. Prepare your home for sale.


Follow your agent's advice when they recommend improvements that will make your home easier to sell. Most experts agree such improvements can make the difference between having a SOLD sign on your property or watching as your neighbor (who took the time to fix up their home) plants one on theirs.


3. Get an agent who will market your home using both online and offline resources.


An agent who isn't using the Internet will not find all of the buyers who may want to purchase your home. With 77% of home buyers beginning their home search online, the Internet is a prime vehicle to promote your listing. If the agent doesn't use the Internet, choose another agent who does, or you will miss opportunities to sell your home.


Lastly, put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes. Ask yourself, "What would it take for me to re-buy my home, and at what price, compared to my neighbors?"


If you can honestly answer that question, you'll be well on your way toward selling your home. Sellers Resources